I just drove 200 miles to pick up a gun that only Keith had in the entire country. This was NOT an inexpensive gun, and I had researched for a long time prior to my purchase. His price was below retail and not jacked up given the demand for this firearm. When I got there, I worked with Keith himself and could not be happier with the transaction. They were insanely busy (4 four lines ringing, 3 people deep at the counter, and cell phones ringing). He was patient and took the time to walk me through the firearm. I see bad reviews here, and for the life of me, cannot understand why. Keith’s entire family works in the store, they were attentive to all the customers the entire time. There were a lot of tire kickers, as well as serious buyers, and they all got the same amount of attention. Keith helped me with finding an FFL for my home state and went up and above on making it a FANTASTIC transaction. I could not praise them any higher. DO NOT fault them because they are busy. That is only a sign of a successful business. Thank you to all for a great transaction. BTW- This is my first Google review of anything. Just tells you how highly I regard Keith’s Sporting Goods. Don’t believe the bad reviews. The store has every gun a man could want. I will go back.